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Splenic Center in Human Design Explained

A Defined Splenic Center Means You Have a Consistent & Reliable source of Intuitive & Instinctual energy.

Individuals with a defined Splenic Center have a heightened sensitivity to their environment, allowing them to make quick and accurate decisions based on their instincts. This center serves as a powerful internal guidance system, providing a strong sense of intuition and a heightened awareness of potential risks or opportunities. Those with a defined Splenic Center often experience a deep connection to their instincts, leading to a more instinctively guided and secure way of navigating life.

Fast Facts on the Spleen Center






Center Type


Center Theme

An Undefined Spleen Center Means You Can Easily Absorb the Fears of Others.

This center is associated with intuition, immune system function, and the ability to make decisions in the moment. People with an undefined spleen may experience a fluctuating energy level and a tendency to amplify the concerns of those in their environment.

Embracing strategies to manage this sensitivity can lead to a more balanced and empowered life.

Determining whether Your Splenic Center is Defined or Undefined involves looking at the gate activations and channel connections in your BodyGraph chart.

A defined Splenic Center will have....

  •  at least one active gate in it

  • will be connected to another center via another active gate

  • will be colored in on your Body Chart

The chart below shows someone with a Defined Splenic Center. Notice how the center is colored in and has an active gate connected to another center.

An Undefined Splenic Center can have multiple active gate in it but it won't be connected to another center via an active gate. You can quickly tell if Your Splenic center is undefined if it is not colored in on your Body Chart.

The chart below shows someone with an Undefined Splenic Center.

How to Tell if Your Spleen Center is Defined or Undefined

Deconditioning Tools for Increased Splenic Center Awareness