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Image by Pradamas Gifarry

Defined / Undefined
Centers Explained

Defined Centers are like branches where nutrients are in constant flow.

Undefined Centers are like sprouts waiting to soak up a touch of sunlight.

Wondering why you have some Defined & some Open Centers in Your Human Design Chart?

These Centers hold the key to self-awareness, they shed light on the core aspects of your personality and how you process energy. 

Closed / Defined Centers mean you're internally rooted in that center and have a consistent, reliable flow of energy present. Open / Undefined Centers mean that you are susceptible to outside influences, more readily attuned to others energy. 

There is nothing negative or positive about having a Defined / Undefined center but being aware of yours can help with overcoming challenges & enhancing strengths. Understanding your Centers will give you a roadmap to personal growth and transformation. 


Your journey to self-discovery starts here— explore how each Center governs specific traits and influences your decision-making.

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