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Generator Types Explained | Human Design

Generators are the Most Common Human Design Type. They Are Here to Build.

Generators in Human Design are characterized by their ability to sustain life force energy. This reliable and consistent source of vitality comes from a Defined Sacral Center that fires them up to acheive their passions.

The Generators Aura signature is Open & Enveloping. This magnetism draws people & opportunities toward them. As powerful presences in whatever environment they move through, Generators are here to build, using their consistent energy flow to work on thier passions,

Fast Facts on Human Design Generators


Of Total Population


The Self


The Not-Self

Wait to Respond


The Best Strategy for Generators: Wait to Respond

Generators are designed to wait for the right opportunities to respond to, this way they invest energy into pursuits that bring satisfaction.

To follow the Generator Strategy effectively:

  • Be Patient: Allow life to unfold and present opportunities. Avoid the urge to initiate or force things.

  • Listen to Your Gut: Pay close attention to your Sacral responses. Trust the "yes" or "no" signals from your gut when responding to opportunities.

  • Know Yourself Deeply: While waiting sharpen your connection to your gut by learning what turns on your sacral.

Living a meaningful life as a Generator means engaging in activities that resonate with your authentic desires. When doing so you'll find that you're never fatigued, and can even get pushed into overdrive to complete tasks you truly care about. Generators experience Satisfaction when they are in alignment with their true nature.

As a life force being that wants to work and build Generators who are unable to find activities, work, or relationships that genuinely resonate with them can experience a feeling of Frustration.

This is caused by a build up of life force energy that has no where to go. In other words you know you have the ability to do something big but can't find a way to channel it.

Are you a Frustrated Generator?

Digging deeper into your Human Design can help you find your passions and free up that vital life-force energy.

Strengths & Challenges for Generators

Human Design Tools for Generators