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G-Center in Human Design Explained

A Defined G-Center Means You Have a Consistent & Unchanging Sense of Identity & Direction.

Individuals with a defined G-Center have a stable and reliable sense of self, anchoring them in a clear understanding of who they are and where they are headed in life. This center governs the themes of love, identity, and direction, empowering those with a defined G-Center to radiate a consistent magnetic aura and to navigate life with a strong sense of purpose and authenticity.

Fast Facts on the G-Identity Center






Center Type


Center Theme

An Undefined or Open G-Center Makes You Take on the Desires of Others More Readily.

The G-Center is associated with identity, direction, love, and the concept of home. Openness in the G-Center can lead to a quest for belonging and identity, as individuals seek to find their own sense of self and purpose in the world.

Understanding and navigating the dynamics of the undefined G-Center can offer valuable insights into one's personal journey and relationships.

Determining whether Your G-Center is Defined or Undefined involves looking at the gate activations and channel connections in your BodyGraph chart.

A defined G-Center will have....

  •  at least one active gate in it

  • will be connected to another center via another active gate

  • will be colored in on your Body Chart

The chart below shows someone with a Defined G-Center. Notice how the diamond in the center has an activated channel that connects it to another center and is colored in.

An Undefined G-Center can have multiple active gate in it but it won't be connected to another center via an active gate. You can quickly tell if Your G-center is undefined if it is not colored in on your Body Chart.

The chart below shows someone with an Undefined G-Center. Notice how the blank diamond in the middle has no activated channels that connect it to another Center.

How to Tell if Your G-Center is Defined or Undefined

Deconditioning Tools for Increased G-Identity Center Awareness