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Crown Center in Human Design Explained

A Defined Crown / Head Center Means You Have a Consistent & Reliable source of Spiritual & Mental Energy.

Individuals with a defined Crown Center have a fixed connection to higher consciousness, providing them with a stable foundation for receiving insights and inspiration. This center empowers them to consistently access profound wisdom and awareness throughout their lives.

Fast Facts on the Crown / Head Center






Center Type


Center Theme

An Undefined Crown Center means you absorb and amplify influences of others.

An undefined Crown Center suggests a potential for variability in accessing higher states of consciousness and spiritual insights. People with this configuration might experience a heightened sensitivity to the energies around them, making them more receptive to spiritual influences from the collective.

However, the challenge lies in maintaining a consistent and stable connection to their own spiritual awareness.

It's essential for individuals with an undefined Crown Center to be mindful of the environments they expose themselves to, seeking spaces and practices that support their spiritual well-being. Embracing moments of solitude and self-reflection can also be beneficial in processing the information absorbed from the collective.

Determining whether Your Crown Center is Defined or Undefined involves looking at the gate activations and channel connections in your BodyGraph chart.

A defined Crown Center will have....

  •  at least one active gate in it

  • will be connected to another center via another active gate

  • will be colored in on your Body Chart

The chart below shows someone with a Defined Crown Center.  Notice how the 1st Triangle at the top is colored in and has an active gate connected to another center.

An Undefined Crown Center can have multiple active gate in it but it won't be connected to another center via an active gate. You can quickly tell if Your Crown center is undefined if it is not colored in on your Body Chart.

The chart below shows someone with an Undefined Crown Center. Notice how the 1st triangle at the top has 1 active gate but is not connected to another center or colored in.

How to Tell if Your Crown / Head Center is Defined or Undefined

Deconditioning Tools for Increased Crown Center Awareness