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Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3

Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3 ( 64/63 | 35/3 ) Meaning

Your Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3 relates to the intertwining of the past and future. You're driven to question everything and run your mind in circles trying to understand what happened.

In your RAX, the dance of making sense of past experiences builds mental pressure causing your mind to be on all the time.. Human Design reminds us to resist the allure of living through the mind, and yet here you are with a very mentally active Incarnation.

This means your life quest will be to examine patterns from the past and use it to inspire the Collective. You may find it tempting to turn your mental symphony inwards but the aim of your RAX Consciousness 3 is to offer solutions to others and not to peer within.

On top of that your Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3 lies in the 3rd Quarter, which means fulfillment occurs through relationships and bonding. This mental pressure isn't meant to necessarily go anywhere or do anything. You're meant to grapple with and make sense of whatever concepts come your way.

Your life theme will be to grow comfortable with Confusion.

A Breakdown of Your Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3 (64/63 | 35/3 ) Incarnation


Conscious Sun


Conscious Earth


Unconscious Sun


Unconscious Earth

The Purpose of Your Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, living authentically and aligning with your true self can be a challenging dance. Amidst the mountain of responsibilities and the stress of your routines, it's easy to lose sight of your higher purpose.

Your Incarnation Cross acts as reminder of your souls true calling.

Your Right Angle Cross offers a sanctuary of clarity amidst the noise of existence.

Returning to reflect on its meaning at different points in your life can help you remain centered by providing a lifeline to your most authentic and fulfilled self.

It outlines the gifts that are innate to you and can help make sense of why you find certain tasks, or situations difficult. With how detailed Incarnation Crosses are you can discover a lifetime of insights meant to increase acceptance for your shadow-self or the not-self in Human Design terms.

Shadows are where your hidden treasures lie – unconscious aspects of you that, when acknowledged, can become powerful catalysts for personal growth.

Mediating on Your Human Design Right Angle Cross can help you:

  • Reclaim your agency

  • Get in touch with your Why

  • Break negative thought patterns

  • Gain clarity on your calling

  • Celebrate every facet of your being

  • Deepen your spiritual connection & self-awareness

Your Right Angle Cross is only 1 of the 192 unique Incarnation Crosses that exist in Human Design but the uniqueness doesn't end there.

Each Incarnation Cross is a unique energy imprint that is quite literally more than one in billion.

Here's a breakdown of why your Cross is so unique.

Incarnation Crosses must be viewed holistically they take into account all the aspects of your design. Since their energy cannot be unlocked without following your Strategy & Authority this adds another layer of differentiation on how to fulfill your Incarnation Cross.

There are 4 main strategies. So although you may share your Incarnation gates with a person you may need to follow different Strategies in life in order to live out your Incarnation.

With Strategy diffentiation accounted for your Right Angle Incarnation Cross is 1 in 7 Million

Incarnation Crosses are also made unique based on the profile you have. Each Right Angle cross can have on average 4/5 different types of profile variations. The Profiles are like a costume you wear in life and this will also impact how your Incarnation manifests in your life.

With Profile differentiation accounted for your Right Angle Incarnation Cross is 1 in 1 Quadrillion

The North & South Nodes in your Human Design Chart lay out the road to fulfillment your Incarnation will take in your life. Each Nodal picture is marked by 4 different gates. And the I'Ching lines associated with these gates mark out the life theme that will dominate the first half of your life before the age of 40 and the theme that you will grow into after the age of 40.

For simplicity we'll just look at the Node Road differences, there are 12 unique node roads your Incarnation Cross seeks to travel to ultimate fulfillment.

With Node road differentiation accounted for your Right Angle Incarnation Cross is 1 in 2 Decillion.

If we were to put these all together the numbers would break our calculators, and we haven't even covered the differences at the I'ching line level.

The takeaway is your Incarnation is as unique as you are so diving into its complexities will help paint a fuller picture of your path to purpose. If you're looking for guided help on your Incarnation Cross consider getting a personal reading or report from our Chart Tools. Check out the handy ones are listed below!

The Uniqueness of Your Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3

Understand Your Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3 With These Human Design Tools

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