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1/3 Human Design Profile Explained

1 / 3 Profile Meaning

The 1/3 Profile, also known as the Investigator/Martyr, is one of the 12 possible profiles.

These profiles have the Conscious Investigator (1st line) and the Unconscious Martyr (3rd line).

Your Investigator side enjoys diving into all these cool subjects, you just can't help but geek out and become a bit of an expert in the stuff thats intriguing. You've got this vibe that's all about taking your time, soaking in the info, and then sharing your thoughts. You're not the super social butterfly, but it's not that you don't dig people. It's like you're that friend who'd rather have a heart-to-heart chat in the corner at a party than be in the middle of the crowd.

When it comes to learning, you're all about getting your hands dirty – making mistakes, learning, and rolling with the punches. It's like your life motto is "try it, learn from it, and keep the good stuff rolling."

And let's talk about variety – you're all about mixing it up. You crave different experiences and situations to keep life interesting. It's like you're creating this awesome, colorful collage of life, learning and growing in a laid-back, hands-on way.

Fast Facts on 1/3 Investigator / Martyr Profiles


Conscious Profile Line


Unconscious Profile Line


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Profile Line 1 Strengths & Challenges for 1 / 3s

The Investigator is constantly preoccupied focused on researching the foundations to find new ones.

For you the foundations must be fully secure before moving ahead. You must take the time to fully consider topics & decisions before determining your next steps. 

Your attention to detail is unmatched, you don't just skim the surface, you dig deep to uncover the underlying truths that others may have missed. Your passion for knowledge is contagious, and you inspire those around you to pursue their own curiosities.

As you continue to forge ahead, remember to take breaks and enjoy the journey. While it's important to focus on the end goal, it's equally important to appreciate the small victories along the way. Remember that the foundations you build will serve as the launchpad for the next great idea, so take the time to ensure they are strong and sturdy.

The Martyr embraces a trial-and-error process and will make sacrifices to gain new knowledge. While failure may be hard to accept, learning through experience helps you grow. 

Others are drawn to your willingness to endure challenges, & seek out your guidance. Despite the external appeal, you may selectively engage with others, preferring only to share when your personal experimentation is complete. 

Your approach to learning is commendable. Your willingness to take risks and learn from your mistakes is a valuable asset in both personal and professional settings. It's important to remember that failure is a natural part of the learning process, and it's often through our mistakes that we gain the most valuable insights.

Your dedication to personal experimentation may lead some to view you as a lone wolf, but it's important to prioritize your own growth and development.

Keep up the excellent work, and never stop expirementing..

Profile Line 3 Strengths & Challenges for 1 / 3s

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